Spoon Carving Templates

I've been carving spoons for nearly 20 years and I still get interested in new shapes and decoration opportunities. Running many workshops has helped me to refine what's really needed in a spoon's form, as well as how to get others to carve them.

Below you can find a link to a pair of my spoon designs, to make your own templates.

There you will find an Eating spoon and a Cafetiere long handled spoon. Make sure you print out the page at A4 to get the lifesized images.

Simply cut out around the shape, place on some card or flexible plastic such as an old  A4  folder cover or plastic milk bottle, and cut out a durable template.

Place on the wood surface, draw your lines and carve away!

If you would like to purchase a spoon to understand spoon shapes better and the finish you can achieve, I regularly stock them in the products page where there will be ones suitable for Cooking, Serving, Stirring, Eating and Scooping.

Spoon Templates